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A Mine Free World Assistance Programs (AMFW) provides educational, occupational and vocational support to landmine survivors and their families. Currently, our target country is Cambodia - a country ravaged with over 5,000,000 landmines and home to over 40,000 identified landmine survivors.

Paying it Forward' AMFW Projects not only provide educational support or self-sustainability for a landmine survivor - each recipient is asked to volunteer their skills or provide a way to improve the lives of other landmine survivors or those in need.


Educational Support CambodiaAMFW raises funds for:

...bicycles, school uniforms and sandals, school desks, supplies and library books for children attending free english classes.


There is little industry in the rural areas of Cambodia besides rice farming - and not enough work in the urban areas. A good solution is to provide small businesses in the rural areas. These village-level businesses provide a self-sustainable income for a landmine-affected family.

Family receives breeding calf Chicken, Duck, Pig Rearing, Breeding Calf

Recipient receives 10 or more chickens or ducks, or a small pig, breeding calf. Funding is provided to build a chicken house or pig/calf stall and feed.

Bicycle repair business in Cambodia Bicycle Repair Business

Recipient receives all supplies required to run a small village 'variety shop', or all the tools and parts required to run a small bicycle repair business from their home location.

Vocational training - Seamstress Seamstress

Recipient is provided with a quality sewing machine, parts and supplies to operate a village seamstress business from their home.

Moto Repair Business Support Moto Repair Business

Main transportation throughout Cambodia is the 'moto' (small engine motorcycle). Your donation provides a rural man with a year-long course in moto repair, all the necessary tools, equipment and a brand new compressor for a landmine survivor to start his own moto and bicycle repair business or become employed in a local shop. Spray painting can also be done with a valuable compressor!

3 Month Agricultural Course Agricultural Course

Landmine survivors live at the training farm and were taught pesticide-free vegetable farming, learning to grow Morning Glory, Chinese Cabbage, Lemon Grass, Chili Peppers, Stem Onion and Long Beans. They now have taken this knowledge back to their homes where they are operating successful vegetable farming productivity. After completing the course, participants are able to help educate other local farmers! While away from their homes to attend classes at the training centre, the family is provided with rice back home. This is a very sustainable farming project.


Consider making a donation in the name of someone special as a birthday, Christmas or special occasion gift.

For each child, adult or family you support, you will be provided with a photograph and brief biographical information of your recipient. A thank you letter will be sent to your gift recipient from AMFW. Your generous support can help in many ways.

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Successful rural chicken-rearing in Battamabang
Successful rural chicken-rearing in Battamabang
Successful rural chicken-rearing in Battamabang