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Consider making a donation in the name of someone special as a birthday, Christmas or special occasion gift.

For each child, adult or family you support, you will be provided with a photograph and brief biographical information of your recipient. A thank you letter will be sent to your gift recipient from AMFW. Your generous support can help in many ways.

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Dan's Playground

Our Programs

A Mine Free World currently has three ongoing programs designed to benefit the impoverished and landmine affected families living in the rural areas of Cambodia.

Read below to find out the many ways that you can help support our programs.

Dental Hygiene for Cambodian Children Dental Hygiene for Cambodian Children

Dr. Khom Pisal from the Angkor Dental Association in Siem Reap and our AMFW team regularly go out into the Pauline Johns and Lisa McCoy distribute toothbrushes and toothpaste rural villages of Cambodia to teach valuable Dental Hygiene to children and families. These half-hour sessions are taught at schools, Cambodian Red Cross offices, District Offices and directly in the villages to gathered families.

Dr. Khom shows families the correct way to brush by using a large plastic toothbrush and set of demonstration teeth. She lets children take turns at demonstrating the proper way to brush to the groups.

Afterwards, our team distributes tubes of toothpaste and toothbrushes to everyone in sight! We also make sure to leave extra tubes of toothpaste and toothbrushes with the teacher or representative in the village so no one runs out.

Your donation towards a carton of toothpaste or toothbrushes will reduce dental decay for hundreds of children.

Embracelets for Books© Embracelets for Books©

A program that provides so much for rural women and girls - Creativity, Fellowship, Fun and a productive way for them to acquire invaluable school supplies, funds for course fees, school uniforms and bicycles for the educational needs of themselves or their children!

Embracelets© for BooksA group of 10 women or girls in a rural village are identified and asked to participate in a week-long friendship bracelet weaving course. All materials and tools are supplied for them. Our AMFW team shows them how to make the bracelets. The women and girls enjoy the fellowship and it's not long before they are creating their own designs and items - bracelets, necklaces, key chains, rings, string-wrapped pens. They eagerly take home string, beads, leather, etc. and make hundreds. Artistic creativity is such an important outlet for these women and girls!

At the end of the week-long course, each participant is given a $10 stipend for their work - a huge amount for a village woman when considering a laborer in a rice field makes $1 for working a 14-hour day in a hot rice field! The beautiful items these women and girls make are then sold overseas at AMFW presentations or fundraising events. They range in cost from $4 - $12. The money raised is then taken back to Cambodia to provide books, school supplies, etc. for the 10 participants. Funds are left aside to start more weaving groups in other villages.

The name 'Embracelets©' is the brainchild of Dan Blix from Gravenhurst, Ontario who had volunteered his efforts along with Linda Harrison and Bill and Dora Rathbun to make this program the success it is today. Sadly Dan passed away in 2012. "Dan's Playground" was built at the Brighter Beginnings School and library in Prokeab in his memory. Dan hand-painted and designed our A Mine Free World logo of the Rumdul flower which is the National Flower of the Kingdom of Cambodia!

How You Can Help: You can help by donating funds directly to this program or by offering to sell the items. Funds donated will be used to purchase supplies in Cambodia.

Bicycles for Cambodia Bicycles for Cambodia

Providing children from landmine-affected families in Cambodia with bicycles so they can get to school easily, quickly and safely. Bicylcles are purchsed in Cambodia where they are assembled before handing them over to the chosen children who will no longer need to walk the long distances to school. When the bicycle isnt being used to get to school, family members use it to go to a rural clinic or market.